Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

We are the Leading Experts in Esthetics Medicine

At Aqua Dental we pride ourselves in offering all natural facial rejuvenation procedures to treat facial aging. Dr. Rachel Quevedo and Dr. Fernando Quevedo are part of a nationally recognized new trend that favors natural facial esthetics under the name CARE Esthetics.


Facial Aesthetics - Dental Office Boynton Beach

Our Philosophy: Natural Beauty

We have a different philosophy in reversing facial aging. At Aqua Dental, we are proud to use natural regenerativeapproaches with lasers and PRF without having to utilize unnecessary chemicals or ‘filling’ materials.
We welcome you to seek out these very novel techniques offered exclusively at CARE Esthetics to reverse facial aging within Aqua Dental office and look forward to seeing you soon for a FREE complimentary consultation. We are excited to showcase these new advancements including before and after photos to teach you more about the new technology.
Treatments available include:

All Natural

Microneedling w/ PRF

Acne Therapy

Hair Rejuvenation


Palliate Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Bio Fillers w/ PRF

PRF Injections

No Chemicals. No Fillers. All Natural Regenerative Science.


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