Leukocyte PRF

Leukocyte PRF

Leukocyte platelet rich fibrin, also known as L-PRF, is derived from one of the families of platelet concentrates found in your blood. L-PRF is a key factor in tissue repair and faster healing, reduced patient inflammation, discomfort, and chances of infection. It is surgically applied to the area for the following procedures :

  • Implant surgery
  • Bone grafting
  • Tooth extractions
  • Operations on the sinus
  • Soft tissue surgeries
Leukocyte PRF - Dental Office Boynton Beach

How does it work?

By extracting blood from the patient we stimulate the creation of fibrin, which is later centrifuged, separated and used to create L-PRF. This matrix formed can then be used for bone grafting and applied to the surgical site. The growth factors found in the L-PRF solution will increase bone, tissue regeneration and help decrease possible rejection and allergic reactions to dental implants.


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